Dragorad Milovanovic, Zoran Bojkovic



5G Mobile Networks: What is Next?

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In this paper we discuss some issues that 5G will still leave open, and the possible evolution towards the next generation (6G) of wireless communication systems. The fundamental issues are higher system capacity, higher data rate, lower latency, and improved quality of service (QoS) compared to 5G system. We presents the motivation behind 6G, the way to move from 5G to 6G, the current industry trends for 6G, and the enabling technologies. We also outline the possible challenges and research directions to reach this goal


wireless communication, enabling technologies, 6G


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Dragorad Milovanovic, Zoran Bojkovic. (2019) 5G Mobile Networks: What is Next?. International Journal of Communications, 4, 1-5


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