Greta Koleva, Despina Georgieva, Irinka Hristova



Pedagogical Observation of Students for Applying Scales of Assessing Clinical States and Symptoms in Palliative Nursing Care

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Palliative care is focused on reduction and prevention of patients’ suffering, and providing support in physical, emotional, spiritual and social plan. Palliative nursing care is included as a mandatory discipline in the curriculum of the nurses of Republic of Bulgaria. The goal of the training process is to obtain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this direction. The practical preparation is held in a real environment. The goal of the current study is to research the degree of assimilating the skills for applying nursing instruments for palliative care, via conducting a pedagogical observation. The results from it will be used to optimize the training process in the discipline, and applying the considered documentation into practice. 143 students who have studied the discipline for a period of three years (2017-2019), are being researched. The documentation that is a subject of experimental research, includes standardized scales for the assessment of pain, prevention / decubitus treatment, Screening of nutritive risk and Assessment of clinical symptoms based on preliminarily developed protocols by the authors. The results from the analysis received, show quick orientation and comprehension of the scales for assessment of pain (90%), no significant problems are found in the interpretation of the results, or the clinical communication with the patient. Difficulties are found in 36% of the students in orienting of The Scale of Waterlow for assessment of decubitus. As for Screening of nutritive risk, 30% of the researched students find it difficult to make calculations in weight loss. All of them make a proper choice of protocol for observing the manifested clinical symptoms. The results are summarized as it follows: The trainees demonstrate very good skills in working with the scales for assessing clinical states and symptoms in palliative nurse care, and declare their interest and satisfaction of the proposed instruments work.


students, training process, skills, pedagogical observation, palliative care


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Greta Koleva, Despina Georgieva, Irinka Hristova. (2019) Pedagogical Observation of Students for Applying Scales of Assessing Clinical States and Symptoms in Palliative Nursing Care. International Journal of Medical Physiology, 4, 6-11


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