Yumi Takizawa, Atsushi Fukasawa



Electrophysical Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Transmission in Axons

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Electrophysical modelling of axon, Myelination and unmyelination in axon, Velocity and bandwidth, Attenuation, Phase rotation, The electro-saltatory transmission of the nerve impulse


The axon transmits electrical signals of pulse and plateau from the soma to output synapse for post neurons. Transmission loss and velocity are extremely low and faster in the axon with myelination and large diameter. The electro-saltatory transmission model was said for lossless and high velocity transmission. By this model, almost all electrical energy are transmitted not inside but outside of the axon. It causes severe cross-talk among axons. This paper first gives effective models and analysis for axons without myelination and small diameter. Based on the above, transmission characteristics with myelination and large diameter are solved in equations. It was found that (a) wider transmission bandwidth is realized by myelination and large diameter. (b) Na+ channels gathered between myelinations helps low loss transmission with increased positive ions.

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Yumi Takizawa, Atsushi Fukasawa. (2017) Electrophysical Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Transmission in Axons. International Journal of Medical Physiology, 2, 14-20