Badea Lepadatescu



Study of Axial Force and Torque at Drilling on ZTAL4Cu1 Alloy

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The paper presents some aspects regarding the influence of cutting parameters on the accuracy and productivity in drilling operations. Some of these cutting parameters can have detrimental influence on the machining by drilling if they are in the domain that exceeds the rational or optimal values. Knowledge of magnitude of cutting parameters in drilling operations is essential for estimating the power requirement in order to have the optimum conditions for drilling operation. The axial force and torque are very important to be used at right magnitude because excessive torque can distort the workpiece or cause it to slip in the workholding fixture. The torque during drilling is difficult to calculate and for this reason in the paper we tried to find the relationship between different process parameters in order to have the optimum values of torque and axial force.


machinability, torque, axial force, process parameters


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Badea Lepadatescu. (2018) Study of Axial Force and Torque at Drilling on ZTAL4Cu1 Alloy. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 3, 125-129


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