Ioan Enescu



Optimization Problem of Local Constraints for Coherent Topology Behavior

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In the paper is presented some researches regarding the problem of local constraints, effective stiffness criterion and strength model, integrated relaxed stress constraint in the light of the newest approaches on handling stress constraints. By their very nature stress constraints are local constraints which result in large scale optimization problems that are often difficult to solve. As is known stress constraints induce the “singularity phenomenon” and low density regions sometimes remain highly strained. The limit of the stress state in the microstructure tends to a value, higher than the stress limit. The procedure cannot remove these regions, despite the fact that, removing totally the material, the stress constraint would not be active. The study analyzes this problem in order to obtain a coherent topology and convergent behavior of the numerical solver.


handling stress, topology, optimization, constraint, stress


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Ioan Enescu. (2019) Optimization Problem of Local Constraints for Coherent Topology Behavior. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 4, 19-21


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