Cristina Mihailescu, Marius Radulescu



Increasing the Efficacity of an Anti-hail Rocket

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The paper has as research objective to increase the efficacy of an anti-hail rocket with solid propellant rocket motor (SRM). A particularity of SRM is that the rocket motor once started it cannot be stopped and restart. That induces the idea that the only control of thrust in the same conditions for pressure in burning chamber is to fragment the propellant grain in two or more parts that will split the thrust. This is possible by introducing a lag time into the pyrotechnical chain using delay devices. In this paper are presented numerical calculations for different delay time between Thrust 1 and Thrust 2 in order to obtain a maximum for the active part of the rocket trajectory inside an area of interest. This will increase the efficacity of the anti-hail rocket and as a consequence the efficiency of hail suppression activity.


Hail suppression activity, Anti-hail rocket, Cloud seeding, Rocket efficacy


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Cristina Mihailescu, Marius Radulescu. (2021) Increasing the Efficacity of an Anti-hail Rocket. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 6, 67-72


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