Imam Solekhudin



Heat Distribution on Thin Plates with Point Sources

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Steady heat distribution problems with point sources are considered. The problems are governed by Poisson equations. Such Poisson equations, generally, may not be solved analytically. To solve these equations, numerical methods called Dual Reciprocity Methods (DRM) are employed. The DRM is applied to solve problems involving steady heat distribution on a thin plate with point sources. Variations in the sources position are considered. The sources are located along a diagonal line and a line of symmetry of the plate. Applying these methods, numerical solutions of the problems are presented and discussed. Sources located near the center of the plates result in higher value of total temperature. Moreover, total temperature of the plate, with sources placed along the diagonal line, is higher than that resulted from sources at the line of symmetry.


Heat distribution, Point source, Dual reciprocity method


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