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A Comparative Study for Different Shapes of Airfoils

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Lift and drag forces are extensively depending on the airfoil geometry. So, in this paper a comparative study for different geometries of airfoils are carried out. Three different geometries NACA0012, NACA2412, and SG6043 has been investigated. A 2-D numerical analysis has been performed using ANSYS 16. The k-ω shear stress transport (SST) model is used to simulate the turbulence effect through the flow. The numerical simulation of flow field around the three different geometries was studied at different angle of attacks (-10, -5, 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25o). Pressure distribution, lift and drag coefficients are obtained for the different angle of attacks. The numerical results have been validated by comparing the predicated numerical results with the previous studies. The comparison shows good agreement. The comparison between the three different airfoils recommended the use of SG6043 airfoil for wind turbine application due to the high value for lift to drag ratio.


NACA airfoil, Lift coefficient, Drag coefficient, CFD, Simulation, and Pressure distribution.


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