Aleksandr Andreev, Olga Peregudova, Katherine Sutyrkina



Stability Problem for Non-autonomous Systems of Non-linear Difference Equations

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In this paper, a novel approach to the asymptotic stability problem for non-autonomous nonlinear difference equations is presented. We propose a quasi-invariance principle to solve a positive limit set localization problem for such equations. Asymptotic stability proof of the zero solution of non-autonomous difference equation is given by constructing the Lyapunov vector function and comparison system and using the proposed quasi-invariance principle for non-autonomous systems of difference equations. We illustrate the implementation of the proposed approach using the examples of some discrete epidemic models.


Non-autonomous systems, non-linear systems, non-linear difference equations


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Aleksandr Andreev, Olga Peregudova, Katherine Sutyrkina. (2019) Stability problem for non-autonomous systems of non-linear difference equations. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 4, 58-66


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