Michael. Gr. Voskoglou



From Zadeh’s Fuzziness to Smarandache’s Neutrosophy: A Review *

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The present paper reviews the process that led from Zadeh’s fuzziness to Smarandache’s neutrosophy. Starting from fuzzy sets and logic and Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy sets, it proceeds to a detailed study of the concept of neutrosophic set, which takes in account the existing in real life indeterminancy. The basic operations on neutrosophic sets are defined and the classical notion of topological space is extended to the notion of neutrosophic topological space, where fundamental properties and concepts like convergence, continuity, compactness and Hausdorff topological spaces are naturally extended.


bivalent logic (BL), probability, fuzzy set (FS), fuzzy logic (FL), intuitionistic FS (IFS), neutrosophic set (NS), neutrosophic topological space (NTS)


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Michael. Gr. Voskoglou. (2022) From Zadeh’s Fuzziness to Smarandache’s Neutrosophy: A Review *. International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Methods, 7, 40-46


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