Manar Abourezq, Abdellah Idrissi



Database-as-a-Service for Big Data: A Review

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The last two decades were marked by an exponential growth in the volume of data originating from various data sources, from mobile phones to social media contents, all through the multitude devices of the Internet of Things. This flow of data can’t be managed using a classical approach and has led to the emergence of a new buzz word: Big Data. Among the research challenges related to Big Data there is the issue of data storage. Traditional relational database systems proved to be unable to efficiently manage Big Data datasets. In this context, Cloud Computing plays a relevant role, as it offers interesting models to deal with Big Data storage, especially the model known as Database as a Service (DBaaS). We propose, in this article, a review of database solutions that are offered as DBaaS and discuss their adaptability to Big Data applications.



Cloud Computing; Big Data; Database as a Service



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