Ajit Shivaji Patil, Sendhil Kumar K.S.



Resistant Surveillance System Using Internet of Things

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This paper suggests a methodology to develop a low cost, effective and uniform resistant surveillance system using the Raspberry-Pi. The system can accessed and managed remotely through an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It senses the flame detection information, motion detection information, biometric detection information and store the data to the web server, where it could be fetched anywhere and anytime through web. Experimental results exhibit that the system is intelligently analyze the sensor data. The system module of the resistant surveillance system is depends on a mixture of ubiquitous different sensing modules, results stored in web servers for awareness. These results can be utilized for home safety. The paradigm aims to notify the home users about their home safety with an option of controlling the sensors on their device connected to the internet. Therefore, this system can enhance home welfare.


IOT, Raspberry-Pi, Sensor, GPIO.


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Ajit Shivaji Patil, Sendhil Kumar K.S.. (2020) Resistant Surveillance System Using Internet of Things. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 5, 13-18


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