Mastaneh Mokayef, Mhd Amen Summakieh



An Ultra-Wideband Antenna for IoT Connectivity

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IoT, 5G, Ultra wide-band, Microstrip Patch, microstrip feedline


The revolutionized way to change our current lifestyle is to utilize the promised technology called Internet of Things (IoT). In this context, the fifth generation of wireless communication known as 5G is an umbrella under which, the IoT can grow up. This paper proposes a dual band printed slot antenna for IoT connectivity landscape based on the 5G characteristics requirements. The proposed antenna is a microstrip patch with a compact size of 16×26mm2 at sub-GHz frequency bands. Matching between Rook shaped radiating patch and the 50O microstrip feed line is manipulated through approximated feed technique. In order to increase the antenna bandwidth, rectangular slots are etched off in the middle part of the rook crown. The simulated results show that the designed antenna has a flat gain and high radiation efficiency and thus making it suitable for a 5G platform that ensures a prosperous IoT scheme.

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Mastaneh Mokayef, Mhd Amen Summakieh. (2017) An Ultra-Wideband Antenna for IoT Connectivity. International Journal of Internet of Things and Web Services, 2, 76-79