Ante Kovco, Karmela Aleksic-Maslac, Philip Vranesic



Advantages of WCA Facebook Advertising with Analysis and Comparison of Efficiency to Classic Facebook Advertising

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As marketing has become an indisputable key to success for almost any kind of business today, this paper tries to evaluate the efficiency of Facebook Website Custom Audience (WCA) as an online marketing tool. The research was conducted on over 100,000 ad views and the analysis was made to compare the cost effectiveness between running ads using dynamic databases and classic Facebook advertising. To evaluate different tools and strategies, customers and potential customers were divided into four main groups – Interest advertising, WCA advertising, Lookalike Audience of 1% advertising and Lookalike Audience of 3 - 1% advertising. Also, in order to get more valuable data, the analysis was separated into 9 different criteria’s on the mentioned four groups - number of link clicks, CTR for accomplished goals, average cost per accomplished goal, number of ad interactions, CTR for ad interactions, average cost per ad interaction, number of new Facebook fans, percentage of new Facebook fans based on views and average cost per new fan. The results show the effectiveness and successfulness of all advertisements and campaigns combined with WCA strategy, as it completely overpowers other tools and types of targeting of the needed audience.



Website Custom Audience, Facebook, Marketing, Facebook marketing, Custom Audience



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