Ghelase Daniela, Daschievici Luiza



Worm-Gearing Computer Design Algorithm

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The paper presents an assisted design algorithm of the worm-gearing depending on the optimization criteria: medium rigidity criterion and rigidity variation criterion. The optimum dimensions of the gearing were determined using the two rigidity criteria, well suited to such problems especially because of their robustness and their ability to detect global extremes. The computerized algorithm can be adopted for any kind of worm-gearing and cylindrical or conical gears. To this end, the study presents the calculus examples for optimal design for worm-gearing.


Optimal Design, Worm-gearing, Numerical Method, Amplitude, Rigidity, Computer Simulation


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Ghelase Daniela, Daschievici Luiza. (2022) Worm-Gearing Computer Design Algorithm. International Journal of Instrumentation and Measurement, 7, 1-4


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