Miroslav Marcaník, Michal Šustek, Roman Jašek



Utilization of 3D sensors in real project

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3D sensors; sensors; accelerometers, MEMS, measuring, distance, service robot.


Presented text documents the possibility of using a camera and a pair of linear laser to measure the distance of objects in front of a service robot. This measurement is based on a simple calculation in the rightangled triangle. Robotics and 3D imaging have been experiencing a boom in recent years, whether in roomy intelligent vacuum cleaners or in modern 3D printers that can create almost any idea. 3D technology is used in security, biometrics and many other areas. This document focuses on understanding the issue of scanning and its advantages and disadvantages. It is served as an overview of the principles of 3D sensors with practical examples.

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Miroslav Marcaník, Michal Šustek, Roman Jašek. (2017) Utilization of 3D sensors in real project. International Journal of Instrumentation and Measurement, 2, 17-24