Vivien Sipkás, Gabriella Bognár



The Application of Accelerated Life Testing Method for Micro Switches

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The estimation of product reliability has attracted wordwile attention during the past decades. The estimation produce usually begins with parameter estimation based on test date.The aim of this paper is to introduce the Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) method for the testing of micro switches. The analysis aims to take many effecting factors into account, to provide statistical assurance of the reliability and to give statistically reliable lifetime data in brief time. The Weibull distribution is applied for the investigation of the failure rate in the product’s 'bathtube’ lifetime curve. Weibull distribution capable of modelling bathtub shaped hazard rate function is defined. The importance of this distribution lies in its ability to model monotone as well as non-monotone failure rates, which are quite common in lifetime problems and reliability [10]. The most common failures of the micro switches have been collected, which are essential for testing and understanding the design of test equipment. It is necessary to learn more about the probability and frequency of these failures.


Weibull-distribution, lifetime, Accelerated Life Testing, micro switches, 'bathtube’ curve, failures, reliability


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