Abdullah J. H. Al Gizi



Novel Design of Fault Breaker for Real-Time Application with Time Control Using Microcontroller 16F877A

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The paper presents the design, simulation, implementation and testing of the Fault breaker test device with time control based on a relay and microcontroller PIC. Fault breaker test is widely used in electrical machines and equipment’s winding for measuring the rated current and calculation the constant losses and efficiency; it consists of three relays , microcontroller PIC, LCD display ,three thermo resistance loads with a common power supply ;its Fault breaker test current is converted in the thermo resistance variation to thermal loses .There is no Standard Fault breaker current tester device but there are some techniques used thermal resistances variable the value of resistance depends on long - but has its drawbacks – relative no give accuracy result , hard to adjust with time control , relative not safety , not suitable to do the test with time control .The originality aspects of the work come from the unique method of do the transient fault with time control in high accuracy by setting the time of fault range starting 10 millisecond to 10 minutes and types of fault for any device in safety and clear the fault after time of fault finish immediately, and run the fault by push the switch ON .This method uses only peripherals from a microcontroller so is low cost and easy to adjust. This is due to their simple regulator, high reliability, low cost and fast reaction. The novel design very good to be used in real application.


Fault Breaker Test, PIC, LCD , Transient Fault, Time Control


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Abdullah J. H. Al Gizi. (2020) Novel Design of Fault Breaker for Real-Time Application with Time Control Using Microcontroller 16F877A. International Journal of Instrumentation and Measurement, 5, 1-7


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