Carina Beermann, Petr Mastny



Implementation of Energy Management with Compact Circuitbreaker–application in Industry 4.0

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This paper deals with the implementation of Industry 4.0 with regard to the question of how relevant digitalisation, visualisation and storage of energy data is today. Today, a large part of society is dependent on resources such as electricity, gas, oil and water. Without these resources, daily life would be unimaginable, but awareness is needed. It is important that we humans use resources responsibly. For everyday life, suggestions and legal regulations have been created for dealing with the scarcity of resources and sustainability. In industry, guidelines and laws regulate the use of resources such as electrical energy. However, these regulations do not only apply in Germany, but - usually initiated by the European Union (EU) - for all member states of the EU. A short explanation of the most important laws and guidelines such as DIN EN ISO 50001 and DIN EN 16247-1 are part of this paper, as it is to be examined in particular whether data collection, visualisation and transparency for energy management in industry can create more efficiency through the use of special components through intelligent monitoring. The focus is on a compact circuit-breaker.


DIN EN ISO 50001, DIN EN16247-1, Energymonitoring, Energymanagement-System


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