Olumuyiwa Idowu Ojo, Masengo Francois Ilunga, Femi Dakaye



Temporal Changes Evaluation of Extremes Rainfall

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The knowledge of climate variability on temporal and spatial scales is vital to understand the nature of climate system. The study evaluated temporal changes in extreme rainfall and over the middle-belt of Nigeria by computing indices of extreme rainfall over the middle belt of Nigeria represented by Jos, Lokoja and Makurdi using the RclimDex software. Daily rainfall data in the three stations were collected for period of 35 years. Analyses of indices of extreme rainfall events depicted a decreasing and increasing trends in the variables considered. The results of Rx 5-day, SDII, R10, R20, R95P, and PRCPTOT showed decrease at Jos. Likewise, Rx5-day, R10, CDD, and CWD showed decrease at Lokoja. In Addition, Rx1-day, R10, CDD, CWD, R95P, R99P and PRCPTOT also showed decline at Makurdi. The findings provided vital information on extreme rainfall events indices which can be used for weather forecast, disaster emergency and weather prediction.


temporal changes; extreme rainfall; middle belt; spatial; rainfall; climate


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