Nicolae Ilias, Iulian Offenberg



Geoecology in Mining Hazards

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Mining operations deals with issues connected to frequent geoecological hazards. The manuscript is addressed to researchers as well as designers or specialists involved in mining process with a view to introduce the geoecological perspective for mining sector and to present an efficient method for intervention in wet landslides hazards, as a case-study. By reconsidering the concept of impact and redefining of landscape, economic, social skills and inabilities determined by the new environment, both in theory and technical engineering applied to mine closure, the authors consider landscape ecology as a good approach in evaluation of the severity of mining operations impact as a general method. In the same time it is presented a case study for a common natural-technical hazard phenomenon, as a wet landslide.


Geoecology, Mining, Hazards, Landslide, Landscape, Inabilities, Abilities


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Nicolae Ilias, Iulian Offenberg. (2018) Geoecology in Mining Hazards. International Journal of Environmental Science, 3, 115-120


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