Ioan Ghimbaseanu



Ecological Sustainable Industry Development in the Machinery Building

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The application of the sustainable development principles in the machinery building industry, in Romania, during the transition period is necessary and opportune. This is the reason why the assignation of some priority domains, as part of the different industrial branches is benefice to the national programs meant for research orientation and for the allocation of resources. In the present paper is presented, in an extent background, the sustainable development concept and the particularly elements that characterized the machine tools building industry which is a remarkable share component in economy field. There are pointed out some solutions of approaching the specific activities of the machine tools building and usage. The paper approaches the problem of the treble dimensioning of the working machines functions – technical, economical, and ecological – and to establish an optimal relation between these. There is prefigured a new orientation for the machine tools research – design activity, in the relation to the life cycle of these, in the prospect of the sustainable used of the resources.


sustainable development, ecological design, machine tools, technologies


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