Stefan Haag



Use of Petri nets for Modelling Digital Twins at Inter-Company Level

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Transformations inside a company can be modelled, simulated and, thus, analyzed by use of digital twins. These represent in a holistic approach machines, workpieces, data, and the processes linking those items together. Examples of transformations may include the conversion of a production lines or the reorganization of a company's supply chain management. Because transformations have a cost associated with them, it is imperative to be able to somehow explore possible consequences of different alternatives. This can be achieved by use of models and simulation as provided by digital twins. As is the case for both a single machine and a whole company, it is possible to model such a digital twin at an inter-company level with the goal to examine possible behavior of changes in integrated value chains. By use of an appropriate modelling tool, different structures and used software products between the companies concerned can be alleviated


Horizontal Integration, IIoT, Cyber-physical System, Digital Twin, Simulation, Petri net


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