Harith Yas Khudhair, Abbas Mardani



The Major Issues Facing Staff in Islamic Banking Industry

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The research was mainly concerned about the challenges faced by the staff working in the Islamic banking Industry. A study was conducted on Islam based banks between the 5th and 22nd of March 2020 to identify the challenges faced by the staff. Again, the results obtained aided in ascertaining the correlation between the staff challenges and its unique model of operation from conventional banks. Some objectives of the research included generating results that assisted in developing staff skills. Also, investigating the nature and increase of the sales and bringing out ways of attracting customers to the banks were the last objectives of the study. The literature review confirmed the Islamic banking industry staff members had been struggling with the aspects mentioned earlier. Besides, the information in the literature review provided clarity on the challenges faced by the staff. On the methodology part, the quantitative part of data collection focused on questionnaires, whereas qualitative concentrated on interviews with the aid of descriptive statistics and observation. The sample used was composed of 200 participants. A total number of 8 Islamic banks were engaged in retrieving the necessary information form staff. Additionally, results were analyzed using statistical graphs, and recommendations were provided to address the identified staff challenges.


Banks, Islamic Banking Industry, customer satisfaction, loan interest, staff, and skills.


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