Regan Debebe Beluhu



The Effect of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework on Development Project in Education Bureau in Somali Regional State in Case of Jig-jiga Branch

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Monitoring and evaluation during implementation leads to projects success. This study sought to determine how the effect of monitoring and evaluation framework implemented by bureau of education in region are monitored and evaluated as laid down by the current monitoring and evaluation framework found in the education bureau in Somali regional state for designing and building the structure of monitoring and evaluation systems. The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of monitoring and evaluation framework to the success of development educational project in Jig-Jiga district. The findings of this study should assist the development educational project framework implementing to recognize the role played by participatory monitoring and evaluation practices in the success and sustainability of the projects. The study targeted residents of Jig-Jiga area who have benefited from donor funded educational project. The study utilized a case study design because it was considered a healthy research method particularly when a holistic and in-depth investigation is required. A sample of 47 respondents was selected from education bureau M&E officers, M&E process owner, finance & logistics process owner, case coordinators, senior officers and officers from Jig-Jiga area through purposive sampling. Data was collected through a questionnaire with seven questions where respondents indicated responses on statements in a Likert scale. Data from semi structured interviews from key informants, focused discussion groups and the government officers who had been involved in these projects were used for triangulation. Quantitative data collected was analyzed. The study established that the community was not involved in any monitoring and evaluation of the educational projects. Participatory monitoring and evaluation in development of educational projects therefore contributes to the success of educational projects though it should be complemented with good project management skills. For M & E framework to be applied to the projects, the projects implementing should conduct trainings to the community to build up their capacity in understanding and participation in the monitoring and evaluation framework system.


Monitoring and Evaluation, the Existence structure of Monitoring and Evaluation


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