Bambang Mantikei



The Cultural Products Marketing in Central Kalimantan of Borneo Island

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Open local communities tend to invite other people with different ethnic backgrounds who migrate and try to live in prosperity. Some newcomers will take advantage of the cultural capital they have from their homeland to support life in the new land. This research discusses cultural capital used to produce cultural products to be traded on new lands, competition for migrant cultural products to compete with local cultural products, market openness for immigrants to market their cultural products and marketing strategies used by migrants and local communities in doing cultural business in a certain area. Data from 21 ethnic groups in Central Kalimantan Province on the Island of Borneo were used to document cultural marketing taking place in multicultural societies. There is a pattern that the majority of migrants use a specialist strategy by trading only one or two certain cultural products, which is different from local communities, even though there is sufficient space for them to become generalists. The most common method of marketing is gastronomy, showing that food is a universal cultural ambassador in Indonesian society. Thus, the consumption is not only made by migrants, but also local people and tourists.


Marketing; product; strategy; cultural; gastronomy


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