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Test Analysis of the Relationship Between GDP and Energy Exports in Azerbaijan

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The relationship between foreign trade and economic growth is one of the most important research fields of economics. As a result of globalization, it is stated that there is a relationship between the increase in trade volume between countries and the development level and economic growth potential of the countries. The expectation that the increase in exports in developing countries will increase economic growth affects the preference of liberal policies rather than protectionist policies. The Export-Based Growth Hypothesis (IBD), which states that exports affect economic growth positively, was investigated by linear causality tests. While some findings reveal the existence of a causality between export and growth, some other findings reveal that there is no causal relationship between export and growth. In this study, the relationship between Azerbaijan's GDP, exports and electricity exports was tested by regression analysis. According to the results obtained as a result of the analysis, a significant relationship has been reached between the GDP of Azerbaijan and its exports. In other words, there is a significant relationship between the growth of the country and its exports. However, while electricity exports are subject to analysis, it is concluded that there is no causality between electricity exports and growth within the framework of the Export-Based Growth Hypothesis.


GDP, Export, Import, Electric, Regression, Growth


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