Satya Shah, Jan Wiese



Supply Chain Risk Mitigation in Manufacturing of New Product Development: An Investigation Study

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This paper provides a literature review of time-based Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in New Product Development (NPD). First, the concept of Concurrent Engineering (CE) with regard on NPD is explained followed by focusing on general aspects of SCRM. The literature review critically indicates differences and similarities in literature addressing the research area to generate an entire understanding of the topic. Proper literature is provided to investigate the following aspects: Risk mitigation in NPD and time-based SCRM, which is further distinguished into the principle of postponement as mitigation strategy and time-based risk mitigation. Afterwards, resulting research gaps are summarised to identify common gaps and the different topics addressed by the key literature. Finally, the conclusion outlines cognitions provided by this literature review. The aim of this paper is to provide a literature review concerning time-based SCRM in NPD to provide a general understanding of the topic and to identify common research gaps for further research projects. For achieving the aim some objectives must be fulfilled. The concepts of NPD and CE must be explained first, before outlining the importance of time-based SCRM. A critical analysis of literature that combines both aspects lead to the understanding of time-based aspects in SCRM for NPD.


Supply Chain Risk Management, Manufacturing, New Product Development, Risk Mitigation


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