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Studies Regarding Tourism Development Perspectives in the Existing Economical and Environmental Context

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Jiu Valley is a mountain aria placed in the central part of Romania, surrounded by four main group of mountains, two of them higher then 2500m. This fact made climate to be cold and rainy and limit the economical development. The traditional occupation was for a long period of time shepherd. In this period in the area live 12.000 people. In the second part of 19th century, coal was discovered and begun a fast development of are. Coal production increased with a low ratio till 1960, when a forced production increasing begun. The inhabitants increasing followed the coal productions evolution. After 1960 the area has a forced development that exceeds the local supplies. These facts decreased the standard of life and affect strongly the environment. After 1990 the coal production was reduced to 4.0 millions tones, but all mine kept the employers. The coal production may be sustained in these conditions only by subsidies. In 1996 was obvious that the mining industry had to be re-organizated because the Romanian economy cannot sustain it further. The govern planning for mining industry is not well seen by the Parliament, because a mining reorganization will unemployed hundreds of thousands miners and will decrease all economical activities in respective areas. By this reason, mining industry is too large developed yet, which need very large subsidies from govern. All mining area is developed in mountain area with very precious landscape resources. These resources are strongly affected by mining buildings and dumps and in same cases when the extraction is made in quarries are completely destroyed. The reorganization has to be made keeping the efficient mine. One alternative to develop the area that are taken into consideration is the higher touristic potential of Jiu Valley which was no explored till now, but in the future could become one of the most serious resources to ensure an opportunity for further development. This touristic industry in Jiu Valley can create many secure jobs in specific activities like: accommodation, services, touristic objective service, and can generate profits, and also, in time we could talk about a touristic industry in Jiu Valley. The tourism development involves the environmental improvement. This paper present the local context in which tourism must to be developed.


coal, biosphere, aerographical condition, air pollution, water pollution, sterile dump


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