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Perceptions on Online Shopping and Online Ordering in Kosovo

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We live in a time when the use of the Internet also dictates the way of living, operating and doing business. The use of the internet for buying and selling online started a long time ago, but in the period of the pandemic it was the only economic sector in many countries of the world which has had growth. This sector has worked quite well in many companies in Kosovo, where those who had sufficient knowledge of e-commerce had quite large revenues. Even before the pandemic but even now many trade online, but few of those who buy, sell or order can distinguish between online shopping and online ordering. In general, there are also very few of them who know how to distinguish between pure e-commerce and partial e-commerce. So the enormous increase of online shopping, sales and online orders is in disproportionate to the knowledge of the users of these services. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to validate through the questionnaire the hypothesis that, although most are directly or indirectly involved in online trading services, very few of them are theoretically aware of what they are accomplishing. So, very few people know how to distinguish online shopping from online orders. The same hypothesis can be used to explain what e-commerce is.


online shopping, online orders, e commerce, commerce, internet, services, pandemic


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