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NFC Based Android Mobile Healthcare System in Multi-Agent Environment

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In this paper a new healthcare system has been proposed that will provide patients with a NFC tag. The NFC tag contains patient information. NFC smart tag can be used when patients and Elderly People go to hospitals or emergency units. Instead of carrying many files they can simply carry the smart tag. Such smart tag can be read using a reader either using smart phone or a reader connected to PC in order to retrieve patient information when placed near NFC tag. This tag can be assigned to patient with a unique ID at the time of registration. Every time the health checkup is performed, it will be updated. This improves patient’s identification by eliminating the paper based documentation work by decreasing mistakes in healthcare. Pharmacist can also view medicine prescribed by the doctor. Data log are stored on centralized cloud server NFC can be used also to identify, query, and update patients data form the server. Doctors can view medical records by tapping his Smartphone that is enabled with a NFC reader over the NFC tag. Such system will improve the quality of healthcare sector by reducing clinical errors resulting of lack of medical information and prescriptions.



Near Field Communication (NFC), NFC reader, Patient health record, Multi-agent system.



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