Marilena Ianculescu, Alexandru Stanciu, Ovidiu Bica, Gabriel Neagu



Innovative, Adapted Online Services that Can Support the Active, Healthy and Independent Living of Ageing People. A Case Study

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Demographic ageing will heavily impact society and economy all over the world. eHealth plays a key role in strengthening the role of information in improving health, including a view to adopting a healthy lifestyle, to ensure effective exploitation of accumulated knowledge to the benefit of all involved.The broader penetration in everyday life and consumerization of digital technology has made it more accessible for older people with IT literacy, sometimes defined as Silver Surfers. In this context, the paper gives information about ProActive Ageing project which aims to build up an integrated platform for online services that support the active and independent living of ageing people. The case study presents the ”Centre for Active Ageing” module that implements innovative methods of personal development, knowledge sharing and learning, adapted to the needs, diversity, and understanding of ageing persons. Its implementation solution based on the WordPress content management system and specific integration issues at the ProActive Aging platform level are addressed. An explored solution for identity management using the blockchain technology is put forward. Information provided by this module meet the qualities that gives it a high quality standard, namely: opportunity, timeliness, accuracy, completeness, availability, validity, different ways of presentation. belongs to the new types of health education applications that include the motivation of the users regarding the educational content, the development of new skills and cognitive abilities due to digital information.



active and independent ageing, eHealth, integrated platform, WordPress, cloud computing, blockchain technology



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