Ehsan Pourjavad, Aydin M. Torkabadi, Rene V. Mayorga



Identification of Green Supply Chain Pressures for Business Implementation

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Consumer environmental awareness together with government regulations are recognized as crucial factors that impact the success of organizations. Hence, development and implementation of strategies to advance the business in the green era is a major managerial subject. Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is identified as an organizational philosophy that facilitates companies in enhancing their market share by improving ecological efficiency and reducing environmental negative impacts. However, several pressures are reported to jeopardize the implementation of GSCM concept. The necessity to clearly identify and promptly answer to these pressures has been recognized by organizations. Yet, the limitation of current quantitative methods, that analyze the business and market information, remains a challenge. This paper proposes a Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) to evaluate the barriers of GSCM implementation. The proposed model in this paper is further investigated by studying a real case from the pipe manufacturing industry.



Pressure, Green Supply Chain Management, Evaluation, Environmental issues, Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process, Multi Criteria Decision Making



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