Diah Setyawati Dewanti, Dusadee Ayuwat, Sekson Yongvanit



Globalization for Volcanic Disaster Management Sustainability

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This paper has an aim to study the globalization impacted for volcanic disaster management sustainability in Mt.Slamet, Indonesia. To answer the research objective, this study use Qualitative research methods in Guci village. It was carried out by twice indepth interview to the Key Informants concerning the study of globalization development towards volcanic disaster prone area. The first phase was carried out by indepth interview to 9 key informants which explained the brief description of the village and daily life impacted by globalization. The second phase was done by 14 key informants which supported data regarding the volcanic disaster management practices of household living in disaster prone II as comparation 10 years before tourism attraction established by the government. Guci village has designated as the study area because it has different characteristics among neighborhood area. Tourism development supported the livelihoods of households and brought different capacities among others. Guci is located 6 km from the peak of Mt.Slamet and stated as the Red-area since lava path pattern flow through this village. As the first phase of the study, the main aim is to study the practical aspects of disaster management for households. It is found, Guci’s household practice disaster management by government supported. This research describe how the massive development after tourist attraction view funded by government in the ecology and social-culture perspectives. In ecological perspective, households were well-informed concerning the impact of geothermal establishment by private organization. Households could have communication access easier through television and internet access compare to other neighborhood area. However, the social-culture perspectives had more influences in modern life for household living in disaster prone II. The government try to keep the cultural belief of households as part of their best practice in volcanic disaster management.


Globalization, Ecology, Social-culture, Volcanic disaster management


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