Abror Inobatov, Ikram Davletov



Evaluation of Opportunities for the Cultivation of Greek Nuts in Peasant and Dekhkan Farms of Uzbekistan

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In our country, recommendations are made on the limited land resources, improving the provision of the population with food products and the culture of using dekhkan farms and household lands in achieving food security, organizing in the republic and conducting business in this area. Resource-saving technologies can be selected in terms of its cost-effectiveness. The authors in this article assess the possibilities of developing a nut business in the republic and expanding the legal consolidation of this process. Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries with its economic potential and opportunities among Asian countries. Emphasis is placed on modernizing and diversifying the country’s economy, increasing the export potential of the agricultural sector and gaining a worthy and strong place in the world market. Walnut cultivation, development of the industry on the basis of modern technologies, the introduction of walnut varieties, economical and digital agro-technologies, which have the ability to produce products that meet the requirements of the world market, will improve product quality and increase labor productivity in the industry. They provide extensive analytical materials regarding the production and export of walnuts.


land resources, level of utility, redistribution, land market, organizational and economic mechanism, increasing efficiency, economics, nut processing, walnut, specialization, risk, selection, mountainous and foothill areas, biological opportunity.


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