Indrayani, Didi Wahyudi



Environmental Management Performance and the Role of Human Resources Management: Empirical Study in Quaternary Economic Sector

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The quaternary business sector growth, as an up-to-date form of service, has long been considered harmless to the environment, and is separated from the industrial and manufacturing sectors which are considered to have a direct effect on environmental sustainability. This is because quarternary business is generally considered to have intangible and experience-based services that are considered not to have real consequences on the environment. This study seeks to examine the role of environmental staff in efforts to manage hotels in Batam Indonesia. Furthermore, this study seeks to explore the use of human resources to improve environmental performance in the hospitality business in Batam. Some key aspects of the HR study, such as compensation and leadership, were tested in this study. The method used is a quantitative approach with a sample of 150 respondents environmental management staff. Analysis of research data using path analysis through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that there was a significant and positive direct influence between work ability, leadership, and compensation on motivation of environmental staff. Subsequent results showed an indirect effect of work skills, leadership, and compensation on performance through motivational mediation variables. The originality of this study lies in its efforts to emphasize that the hospitality business should also be considered a business that has an effect on the environment, and the exploration of this study that brings the perspective of HR in improving environmental performance in the implementation of environmentally friendly businesses. This study underscores the importance of standardized environmental management in starred hotel management. In addition, this study offers originality that various forms of appreciation and increased motivation affect not only on improving business performance, but also on environmental performance in managing hospitality services


work ability, leadership, compensation, motivation, performance, environmental management, hospitality industry


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