Lung-Hsing Kuo, Hung-Jen Yang, Min-Huang Chiang, Fong-Ching Su



Exploring Factors from Traffic Quality Indicators for the In-service Education Information Service in Taiwan

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The purpose of this study was to explore factors for the In-service Education Information Service in Taiwan. The system was first established by National Kaohsiung Normal University based the trust of Ministry of Education on the year of 2003. There are 192035 teachers using this service. An investigation research method was applied to examine the data of quality indicators. The specific goals of this study are to summarize patterns of correlations among thirty variables of quality indicators, and to reduce this large number of observed variables to a smaller number of factors, to provide an operational definition for an underlying process by using observed variables. A system monitoring tool called PRTG was used for collecting data. The sample collected period was from 2016/9/30 to 2017/9/30. There were overall 7749 records of each indicators. The sample size was 606 and confidence interval was 5 at confidence level of 99%. A factor analysis procedure was applied to reveal the quality factors from those thirty quality indicators. Based upon verified statistical analysis results, major conclusions were presented. There are five factors could be identified via factor analysis process. The overall connecting factor would explain near 30% of quality. The education networking factor explain 23% of quality. The south networking explain 12% of quality. The proximal in-service explain 10 % of quality. The proximal NHCH service explain the rest 6% of quality.


System Quality Factors, In-Service Education Information Service


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