Popa Luminita, Popa N. Vasile



E-learning Platform used in Romanian Students Teaching Activities

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In recent years, information and communications technology has led to a real revolution in the field of computer-aided learning.Due to the changes in technology and the progress of the technology, but also on the globalization trend of education, new perspectives for education have been opened.For this reason, education was supplemented with new methods of teaching-learning and evaluation, these methods being specific to the information society. The global knowledge society has imposed Romanian Universities the use of Information and Communication Technology as a reference point for substantive changes in education system, and the challenges first emerged in three major areas: provision of universities, teachers training and providing the necessary resources.It has been shown that e-learning and information and communication technology can improve the educational process. For this reason, most of the Romanian higher education units have abandoned traditional teaching methods. In our universities we aim to ensure quality in education, lifelong learning and professionalization of teaching. In this sense, the need for fundamental training in the theoretical and pedagogical field is essential in order to build transferable skills and to build some mentality (rethinking learning strategies with the help of information technology). In students computer-assisted training, practicing is effective in forming elementary skills, while tutorial systems are more effective in forming higher-level intellectual skills of students. In my study, I used a new training platform to perform a simulation in a session of e-learning lessons.The new e-learning platform provides support for teaching, learning, testing and evaluation, managing, managing digital content, and monitoring the entire students educational process.


advanced eLearning platform, computer-assisted training, virtual class


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