Anbarasi Mp, Jovitha Jerome



Stability Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems Using Krasovskii’s Method Based on The Second Method Of Liapunov

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A single diode model incorporates diffusion and recombination characteristics of charge carriers, but neglects the recombination in the space charge zone. If such an effect has to be taken into consideration, double diode model has to be used. The double diode model can exhibit good accuracy resulting in accurate prediction of photovoltaic system’s performance. A novel approach to analyse the stability of double diode model based photovoltaic systems which relies on second method of Liapunov that uses Krasovskii’s method is proposed in this paper. Nominal operating condition is considered and stability is analysed in accordance with the devised Liapunov function


PV system, Double diode model, Liapunov, Krasovski, Stability


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