Gülnaz Daloğlu, Kemal Keski̇n



Prediction of The Dust Concentration in Coal Mine by Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis

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The coal dust explosion is a serious problem in under ground coal mines. Especially, Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise (TTK) has high dust concentration levels. Many parameters (humidity, ash, volatile matter, Fixed-C, calorific value, toxic gas amounts et al.) effect to dust concentration. In this study, ash, volatile matter and Fixed-C parameters are evaluated by fuzzy fault tree analysis for dust concentration in the coal seams in Karadon, Kozlu, Armutçuk, Amasra and Üzülmez collieries of TTK. The fuzzy fault tree analysis (FFTA) assesses the risks to control measurement and support decision-making for personnel safety. The model can be decision of coal dust factors to remove before dust explosions occur. Results show that the volatile matter mainly effects than others to dust concentration level. Additionally, the Armutçuk colliery (the Büyük coal seam) has maximum dust level (6.36 mg/m3) and the Üzülmez colliery (the Taban Acılık coal seam) has minimum dust level (0.77 mg/m3).


Dust concentration, coal, volatile matter, fixed-C, fuzzy fault tree analysis (FFTA), TTK.


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Gülnaz Daloğlu, Kemal Keski̇n. (2020) Prediction of The Dust Concentration in Coal Mine by Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis. International Journal of Control Systems and Robotics, 5, 14-19


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