Hanady Al-Zagheer, Samer Barakat



Online Performance Appraising System During COVID-19

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Evaluating employees is an important condition for the growth of the company. It provides valuable information about employees' performance, weaknesses and strengths, and their training needs, and is used in determining eligibility for promotions and bonuses. Many companies evaluate their employees on the basis of attendance and departure times, so what is important then is that the employee comes to the workplace and adheres to work dates. But how do you evaluate a remote working group that you cannot monitor directly? The traditional approach to evaluation is not suitable for this type of work. Companies and remote work team managers should take into account the peculiarities of remote work, and adapt the evaluation system accordingly. In this article, we will give some advice on how to evaluate the performance of remote employees . This paper aims to study the impact of the Corona pandemic on increasing the use of electronic appraising. The paper also presented a suggested model for electronic Appraising employee that helps many mangers in different organization to do the electronic performance appraising.


Performance, Online, Appraising, Corona virus, Pandemic


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