Houda Barbouch, Abderraouf Khemiri, Nahla Khraief, Safya Belghith



Nonlinear Disturbance Observer Based Control of a 7DoF Exoskeleton Robot for Arm Movements

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This paper focuses on the application of a disturbance observer control of an exoskeleton upperextremity. In order to achieve this target, arm two steps were executed; first of all, a prototype of the exoskeleton robot has been designed using Solidworks software, after its dynamic model has been accomplished. Then, the development of non linear controller (Computed Torque Control) was performed. Finally, to the application of a disturbance observer in the control, we have used the Lyapunov method to estimate the external disturbance about the device.


Exoskeleton robot, rehabilitation, physical disability, Computed Torque Control, Nonlinear Disturbance Observer, External disturbance, Lyapunov method.


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