Saeid Kohani, Peng Zong



Formulization of Cost Estimation in Optimizing Constellation Satellite, Launch Vehicle and Launch Place

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Along with developing of space enterprise, more and more satellites are deployed in a style of constellations which are able to provide efficient application coverage. However, to construct a constellation is still a big cost due to main facts of launching satellite to the orbit. The methodology of launching satellite will seriously influence the system cost. Therefore, it needs a better tool for analyzing and evaluating design of the constellation architectures. and estimating the launching cost The design will be integration of heterogeneous, or multi-orbit, multi-purpose and multifaceted. In the new achievement, a series of constellation satellites are thrown precisely and successfully onto the orbit. Simultaneously, an orbit optimal problem is solved by the numerical binary linear function. The degree of precision is achieved by fully utilizing the capacity of each launcher. Formulations are divided into three different mission areas: Navigation, weather, military. For climate missions, formulation is determined by multifunction and multi-orbit designs. This algorithm has been successfully proved by simulation of 12 satellites in four different orbits with four launchers and placing heterogeneous satellites in the same orbits. For the missions of high precision navigation, it has been proved that 12 variables of configuration, mass and homogeneous orbit are optimized individually. For military mission, the two previous optimizations can be merged to reduce the cost extremely


Satellite, LEO, Launch vehicle, Navigation, Constellation


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