Hamzah Salman Al-Mamoori



Sustainability & Cultural Tourism of Sacred Holy Shrines Islamic Cities

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sustainability, cultural tourism, indicators, Holy shrines, Islamic Cities


The study aims to declare specific indicators of sustainable sacred holy shrines of Islamic cities . Various studies, attitudes, and reports highlight on tourism as human feelings, emotions, and desires. Many of those concentrated on basic indicators and principles to activate as sustainable development and cultural resources. Sacred holy shrines visit is one of main activities as religious tourism in most of Islamic cities. It is of special culture and indicators that encompassing tourist behaviours, activity, and experience. It is very important to perceive the environment and the act of places with the influences values, as the research problem. A methodology is depended with results to perceive the environment that indicate the perception of quality destination associated with many intrinsic values relating to cultural characteristics of Islamic doctrine as spiritual senses of capita beliefs and creed philosophy.

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Hamzah Salman Al-Mamoori. (2017) Sustainability & Cultural Tourism of Sacred Holy Shrines Islamic Cities. International Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2, 74-82