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Laughing scaffold perception or antiworlds crying lira: How and why "grotesque consciousness" works

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The grotesque consciousness as the type of the consciousness due to an objective model of behavior and an objective way of the creative person's thinking at the crisis time of historical changes and social disasters, granting a ridicule and comprehension of reality in grotesque images, preserving the tragic attitude of reality under the satirical cap, is existential strategy of personality, who art world in images, attitude towards imagery painted "removed" existence in its irreconcilable contradictions. Grotesque consciousness, needed for overcoming gravity of individual existence at the beginning of the new statehood, covered the game of doubt, and because in wobbly moment of mixing layers fear of losing one's identity always goes with alarmed soul, then the artist-creator, acutely reliving incomplete of its dialogue with the society and the existence and revealing the "unfinished dialogue with becoming a sound produced by many voices meaning", being in ground zero of Sturm und Drang, elects grotesque as a imaginative negation of contemporary reality, that is most clearly manifested in the post-revolutionary situation. Grotesque consciousness, possessing properly carnival coordinate system and creating structures of nonequilibrium grotesque molecules, will act like a pendulum dissipation system, based on the principles of nonequilibrium and mobility, and whose compulsory friction, - otherwise the meaning - will arise from ambivalent particles scattered in a craziness of everyday world. And as the bifurcation point, it will be the fractal attractor that attracts a variety of points of view and is able to influence perceptions, because it possesses a surprisingly complex structure. The non-equilibrium, the ambivalence, the dichotomy of opposite meanings, the diffusion of grotesque images, paradoxicality of thinking and duality perception will characterize human consciousness, who art exactle in this crisis, catastrophic period of time. The grotesque mask, like a protective mechanism, is taken out from hiding places of mental state, that at the moment of spiritual and social crisis, when the ground is losing under their feet, help to survive, to escape under a cap with bells, combining seriousness of the suffering and the grotesque forms. The philosophical and aesthetic category - "grotesque consciousness" - allows to understand a work of art in the light refracting rays of carnival "mockery", quick the reverse perspective of view of the world, and letting in the existential field of Laughter, reveals the mechanisms of the creative laboratory of the artist, whose consciousness, allowing elements of the "low" and detecting the absurd and grotesque, "been suspended" "removed" the existence from a horizontal "ordinary" in vertical "metaphysical" - and thus the artist stepped foot for the laughing scaffold own reflections. But: by arrows of reflections and laughing - he remained alive: his consciousness worked very clearly, succinctly as the sun, and, feeling the rhythm of the time, he is checking on the beating of his own consciousness with it - because the person exactly is being implemented in person.


Grotesque consciousness, philosophy of Laughter, the dichotomy of the tragic and the comic, the existential field of Laughter, reflection, dissipative system, drag queen's images, grotesque, absurd, modus of existence, social instability, psychology of creativity, being-in-the-world, metaphysics of consciousness.


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