Olga Yanushkevichiene, Tatyana Sklyarova



A study of teaching Orthodox culture by using of statistical methods

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mathematical statistics, religious education, Spearman’s rank correlation


In this paper the mathematical statistics is used for investigation of the teaching Orthodox culture in the former USSR. An example is considered religious education in Lithuania and Russia. These two countries were choosing because Lithuania was the first Republic of the former USSR in which religious education rather successful was introduced after the Soviet time. In contrast, in Russia teaching of religion culture was introduced relatively recently and still there are a lot of debate and difficulties. The paper explores the following problem: what is the difference and similarity between religious education in Russia and in Lithuania? The objective of this paper is to compare and contrast teachers’ views on a goal and preferable type of religious education in these countries. From the point of view of the methodology mathematical statistics methods are used to study the humanitarian problems. Our investigation shows that in Lithuania the Orthodox religion teachers are free to use any type of religious education. The situation in Russia is different. After the anti-religious propaganda of Soviet times, many people are afraid of indoctrination from religion. In bought countries the goals of learning the majority of teachers formulate as the possibility to provide the opportunity for students to relate their own spiritual and moral feelings with religious culture. Almost all of them think that religious culture has its own values such as love, family, Mercy, compassion, spiritual life, sanctity, fatherland, tradition, collegiality, patriotism, conscience, beauty, hierarchy, faith and hope in God and so on. Our research shows that the teaching pupils mentioned values require more freedom in choosing the type of teaching religious culture than now have a teacher in Russia. In addition, the content of textbooks on Orthodox culture was considered.

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Olga Yanushkevichiene, Tatyana Sklyarova. (2017) A study of teaching Orthodox culture by using of statistical methods. International Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2, 22-27