Ildikó-Angelica Szöke, Alexandru Marne, Izabela Bota



The Study of Electromagnetic Fields on the Human Body

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The purpose of this paper is to study the influence the new technology has in our daily life. The aim of this is to show possible gaps, the negative parts of new technologies, a dark illusion which is increasing at large scale, making our life easier day by day. Technology from our home, office, appliances or personal gadgets are evolving, are important, are affordable and we are almost dependent on them, giving us maxim comfort at a minim effort. One day we must figure out that health is much more important and the surrounding technology may cause us harm. Technically, wherever electricity exists, a magnetic field is being carried around, with us being directly exposed to EMF (electromagnetic field), Wi-Fi, routers and our human cells, may be very vulnerable.


EMF (electromagnetic field), radiation exposure, new technologies, Wi-Fi, router


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