Şahi̇n Yildirim, Cem A. Gürgan



Position Control and Performance Analysis of Experimental Fully-Automated Electro-Mechanical System in Inra-Oral Photography

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In spite of advanced and high technology, there are still some problems for positioning head and chin of patients during photographic recording in dentistry. Furthermore, it is very important to get reproducible photographic images for the evaluation of the intraoral treatments. In this experimental and simulation studies, a new designed system method is introduced for complex through collection of standardized intraoral photographs and computer assisted measurement of reproducible data. However, PLC based fully automated a photograpic device for fully automated intraoral photography and standart protocol for the esthetic of the crown-mucoginvigal complex is also presented. On the other hand, to test the proposed system a neural network was used to predict real time measured values.



Electro-mechanical system, PLC controller, dental patients, oral photographs, photograpic device, neural predictors




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