S.Noimanee, W.Senavongse, S.Tantisatirapong, K.Noimanee



Implement of Medical Application Over High Speed Wireless Broadband Network System (Wi-MAX) in Thailand

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This paper present the functional parts of a wireless broadband network system or Wi-MAX, its basic operation and medical application in Thailand. Our research explain how it can use base stations to provide wireless high speed data connections that can be used for voice, medical data and medical consult video services (MCVS) to distances of over 20 km. Anywhere, the project aimed to research develop of high speed wireless broadband network for medical applications of Medical Center, Prince Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s, HRH Princess Siridhorn (MSMC), Amphor Ongklaruck, Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand. This project is integrating other sciences, biomedical engineering, telecommunications engineering, electronic engineering and computing technology. Includes both direct medical and other. We have focus on medical care, community living around the area radius of the radio wave propagation in the district that spreads to the 2.500-2.520 GHz standard of wireless broadband technology of Thailand. This project involved 2 Subprojects, namely: Firstly, is development of multi patient monitoring on wireless broadband technology around MSMC. And finally subproject is primary health care mobile doctor around MSMC.


Wi-MAX, Medical applications, Prince Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s (MSMC), MCVS, HRH Princess Siridhorn, High-speed wireless broadband network, 2.500-2.520GHz frequency range, Multi patient monitoring, MSMC.


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