Atsushi Fukasawa, Yumi Takizawa



Electrophysical Modelling and Analysis of Axon in Neurons

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Electrophysical model of axon, Myelination and unmyelination in axon, Velocity and bandwidth, Attenuation, Phase rotation


Electrophysical modelling of axon is given based on voltage equilibrium and current continuity conditions. Inductance L and capacity C per unit length are obtained for lossless axon. Attenuation, phase rotation, and phase (signal) velocity are given for axon with loss. It is then presented that higher velocity and wideband signal transmission are realized by reduction of C and L by myelination and large cross section of axons. It is also presented that long distance transmission becomes available by reduction of serial resistance r and parallel conductance g by voltage dependent Na+ channels distributed at unmyelinated parts of axons.

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Atsushi Fukasawa, Yumi Takizawa. (2016) Electrophysical Modelling and Analysis of Axon in Neurons. International Journal of Biology and Biomedicine, 1, 66-71